10 Dog Products That Are Under $10

Finding awesome products for under $10 is a challenge, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Everyone loves a bargain for cheap dog supplies with impressive quality. We have a wide variety of dog products that are under $10, but we chose the best of the best and put them here.

Pet Life Colorfur UV Protectant Hat $9.99

This is our favorite hat out of our UV protection category. The sun has damaging rays that can seriously degrade your dog’s eyesight over time. The brim of our hat covers your dogs eyes from the harmful UV rays while being comfortable and colorful. Since we know that dogs can get messy, we also made our dog UV hat machine washable to get out those tough stains.

Pet Life Dog Muzzle

Pet Life Funimation Dog Muzzle $9.99

The Funimation dog muzzle is an essential for problematic dogs that need help controlling their barking, biting, and chewing. We took it a step further by incorporating fun designs and colors and a comfortable inner micro-mesh which forms to your dog’s specific face. For under $10 you can’t go wrong and with free shipping it’s a no brainer.

Pet Life Travel Dog Bowl

Pet Life Wallet Sized Dog Bowl $8.99

Finding a dog bowl for under $10 might not be difficult, but one built for travel is a different story. This travel dog bowl collapses to less than 1 inch thick easily storing in a back pocket. Our bowl also comes with a zipper so when your pupper has finished eating you can close it and place it in your pocket. You aren’t limited to just food you can also place water in here since it is waterproof. If you are going to the beach, hiking, camping, or even to your friend’s house for long periods this travel dog bowl is perfect for under $10.

Pet Life Dog Waste Bags

Pet Life Bio Hybrid Dog Waste Bags $8.99

Saving the earth one bag at a time with Eco-friendly dog waste bags. If you use a shopping bag or thin paper napkins to pick up after your dog, you know that you should be using something better. Our waste bags are stronger and can withstand high levels of moisture great for a pooch with an upset stomach. As an additional bonus our waste bags are made in facilities that have a small carbon footprint.

Pet Life Rubberized Socks

Pet Life Rubberized Dog Socks $7.99

If you have hard wood floors that you are trying to protect, or your dog is slipping around the house you should think about having rubberized socks for your dog. Just like you don’t want dirty feet on your furniture covering your pups feet with dog socks will help keep their muddy paws off of the furniture. These socks can also help with scratching and digging through beds, couches, and more for under $10 it pays for itself by the next day.

Pet Life Fish Shaped Cat Toy

Pet Life Fish Shaped Cat Toy With Catnip $7.99

With our current promotion you can get this toy for around $5 making it the least expensive products on our list. We made this toy with reinforced stitching for added durability and with scratch resistance fibers for restless kittens. With the catnip that’s included your cat will play with this toy more than the box it came in.

Pet Life Rope & Tennis Ball Toy

Pet Life Pull Away Rope & Ball Toy $9.99

This is one of our best toys at an affordable price. If you have multiple dogs that love playing tug of war, we can’t pick a better product. We wanted to include a product that is great for dogs of all sizes that is fun for the whole family. Our pull away toy is made from recyclable jute rope known for its durability and dependability regardless of the size of your dog.

Pet Life Dog Collar

Pet Life Aero Mesh Dog Collar $9.99

Every dog needs a dog collar but what makes our so special is the breathable and comfortable material that most dog collars don’t have. Our micro mesh plush fabrics aren’t just for comfort in strength test its comparable to tougher grade fabrics and even beating some offerings from the competition. With a wide variety of colors choose what’s best for your dog and what’s best for you without compromises.

Pet Life Waterproof Dog Toy

Pet Life Active Fetch Waterproof Dog Toy Under $10 With Coupon

Even though the summer is coming to an end having a waterproof floating dog toy is great for all year around. While giving my dog a bath I use the active fetch dog toy to relax my dog and make bath time fun. While we made this product to be used for a pool or beach setting it can be used as a high-quality durable dog toy year-round.

Pet Life Reusable Dog Diaper

Pet Life Pooper Dooper Reusable Dog Diaper $9.99

Older dog can have bladder issues in their old age. These diapers are great for dogs who suffer from digestive issues and frequent urinary incontinence. Our diapers our machine washable and are more environmentally friendly since they are reusable.

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