‘Death Stranding Director’s Cut’ Release Date for iPhone 15 Pro, iPad M1, and Mac Delayed to Early 2024 – TouchArcade

At Apple’s iPhone 15 event, it was confirmed that Resident Evil 4 Remake and more games including Kojima Productions’ Death Stranding Director’s Cut are coming to the iPhone 15 Pro series of devices. Kojima Productions then confirmed that Death Stranding Director’s Cut would also hit M1 powered iPad and Mac devices. Originally set for release by the end of this year, Death Stranding Director’s Cut is now set for early 2024 as confirmed by publisher 505 Games in a Tweet which you can view below:

Death Stranding Director’s Cut pricing has not yet been revealed for iPhone and iPad, and it is unknown whether it will be free to try like the new Resident Evil releases. On Steam, this version is priced at $39.99 while it is $49.99 on PS5. I’m very curious to see what pricing it uses, but I expect it will match Steam with some launch discount. How this scales on iPhone 15 Pro since it uses Guerrilla Games’ Decima engine is also going to be interesting. Speaking of how it scales, I was impressed with it on Steam Deck, and I included Death Stranding Director’s Cut in last year’s best Steam Deck games article which you can read here as well. Have you played Death Stranding on any platform yet?

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