Getinge Launch Fully Automated Load System for GEV Sterilisers

Getinge has introduced a modular and fully automated load handling solution for seamless integration with the company’s GEV terminal sterilisers. In addition to the safety benefits for operators, the new Getinge Roller Conveyor System (GRCS) optimises throughput performance in pharmaceutical production.

A terminal sterilisation cycle includes many safety considerations, such as repetitive strain when lifting, pushing or pulling heavy loads, or accidental damage caused by forklifts or other machinery when loading the steriliser chamber.

“A fully automatic system is the best solution for heavy, fragile production batches. Our new roller conveyor helps mitigating factors that could impact the safety of operators and the integrity of the steriliser,” says Magnus Nilsson, Product Line Manager for Automation at Getinge Life Science.

The automated system, which can handle up to 2,000 kilo per pallet/section, loads and unloads batches of products into and out of Getinge GEV steam/air mixture sterilisers, which are used for pharmaceutical products that must be dry and ready for further handling immediately after the cooling phase.

“The conveyor system’s seamless integration with our GEV sterilisers is maximising throughput while ensuring repeatable and validated process control. Automated reporting delivers full traceability of the loading racks,” Magnus explains.

The new system is based on a motorised roller carriageway, which makes the placing of batches onto the GRCS independent of feeding them into the steriliser. Once the sterilisation cycle is complete, a carriageway at the opposite end of the steriliser can support the unloading process.

The modular design makes the Getinge Roller Conveyor System suitable for all production environments.

“The flexibility allows for carriageways of bespoke length, and restricted spaces can be accommodated with turntables for 90o degree changes of the carriageway direction. Each GRCS carriageway can also be configured to connect with existing upstream and downstream conveyor systems if this is required,” Magnus concludes.

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