How To Wash A Dog Bed: Guide

When cleaning a dog bed that isn’t machine washable it is important to know how to clean your dogs bed. Luckily, we have the perfect guide for you on how to prepare your dog bed for the wash. So, what are the steps in cleaning your dog bed?

There are a few questions we need to answer before getting to the main steps.

How Often Should I Clean My Dog Bed?

This is the first question that needs to be asked and the answer is quite simple. Every 1-2 weeks depending how active and dirty your dog is. In our article on the 5 best ways to control your dog from shedding we went over how often should you bathe your dogs, which is at most twice a month.

Since both your dog and bed should be cleaned might as well wash them at the same time.

We advise washing the dog bed first. Since your dog will most likely run back to its bed and try to dry off. After all the hard work of cleaning your dog don’t let them run back to a dirty dog bed.

If you have a particularly smelly dog that you feel the need to wash their bedding once a week that’s fine. You can save a little extra time by having two beds. This is where you can swap them out every week.

Now that we know how often we should clean our dog beds, but just how dirty are they?

How Dirty Are Dog Beds?

Just think when was the last time you cleaned your dog bed. Your dog tracks dirt, mud, dead skin, saliva, and a bunch of germs into their beds daily. In fact, it can be one of the most germ ridden places in the home behind dog bowls.

Between the parasites, bugs, and fungi that can grow and live in your dogs bedding it should be cleaned once every two weeks at minimum.

Which is why you should definitely wash their bed before you give your dog a bath. Having your dog go back and pick up the bacteria that is lying on its bed shouldn’t be done. This also will prevent the spread of dander and bacteria in your home.

How to Quickly Clean A Dog Bed?

While there is no quick way to clean a dog bed if you can vacuum their bed once a week since it will remove dander, excess dirt, and bugs that might be nestled in between the cracks. Plus, this can help reduce the amount of cleaning that will need to be done when you wash their bedding.

There are also spot cleaners that can be used when accidents happen. It should be noted that when you are using a spot cleaner in your dogs bed you should use a pet approved one. This will guarantee that your dog will inhale or ingest dangerous chemicals.

How To Clean Dog Beds Properly?

Vacuum: You should always vacuum the bed before you place it in the wash. Pet hair tends to stick to wet fabric, so removing it beforehand will help you clean their beds more thoroughly. This will also remove dust and bugs that might be hiding inside their bed

Remove Cover: Most dog beds have a removable cover that is machine washable. If your dog bed comes with one feel free to throw it in the wash. Some dog beds don’t come with a removable cover. Make sure to read the instructions on the label when cleaning these beds.

Use Stain Remover: Using a stain remover for tough stains before trying to clean the bed. This will save you time if you need to scrub their bed by hand.

Wash The Bed: Some beds aren’t machine washable and you will need to do this by hand. If you need to wash it by hand use hot water and a mild detergent to prevent irritation. There are also different cleaning instructions for memory foam toppers so make sure to read the label.

Dry The Bed: Once it is all clean we recommend to let it air dry this should be done in an open well ventilated space.

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