LG launches new passenger display that can’t be seen by driver

LG has introduced a range of infotainment screens including a front passenger display that can’t be seen by the driver.

Set to be unveiled at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas on 9 January, the next-generation display deploys “viewing angle control technology” to prevent driver distraction.

This could allow the passenger to watch a movie, for example.

The technology is similar to that introduced by Land Rover for the L322 Range Rover, which changed what the driver and passenger saw, despite both looking at the same screen.

It comes as part of LG’s move to maintain its self-proclaimed position as “the world’s number one” in supplying infotainment screens optimised for “future mobility”.

It will arrive alongside several other innovations made for autonomous “software-defined vehicles”, all of which are based around what the Korean technology giant calls the “screenification” of cars.

Set to “fill the dashboard”, LG’s new displays use the latest OLED technology to introduce ultra-HD screens in front of both the driver and front passenger (as in the Mercedes-Benz EQS) and displays for the rear passengers that fold down from the ceiling. 

Also due to be introduced is a new head-up display that, along with the instrument cluster, uses 3D technology to improve visibility for the driver.

The screens employ a variety of new technologies, including P-OLED, which adds a plastic lining to allow a display to follow the curvature of a car’s dashboard – a function that LG says can’t be replicated by any product on the market.

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