Mary Berry’s ultimate marinade hack to make sure your meat dishes always taste amazing

Mary Berry has shared a top tip to ensure your meat absorbs more flavour during the marinating process, providing a tastier result.

The former Great British Bake Off judge suggested a technique that employs small cuts to the liquid marinade can seep in.

Mary’s advice is particularly effective for thicker cuts of meat, where the juices might typically stay on the surface without penetrating deep enough for full flavor absorption.

Beyond enhancing the layers and depth of flavour in the meat, ensuring that the marinade reaches deeper into the meat’s fibres contributes to a more tender and succulent bite.

When considering whether to marinate, it’s essential to take into account factors beyond the thickness of the meat.

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If your marinade contains oil as a primary ingredient, like in the case of filet mignon or veal cutlets, absorption may be limited.

Even with Mary’s recommendation of making cuts in the meat, oil-based marinades tend to stay on the surface, particularly when dealing with meats with high water content such as beef and chicken.

On the other hand, acid-based marinades work well with the baking expert’s technique.

The tiny slits in the meat facilitate better absorption, allowing the liquids and seasonings to integrate thoroughly, enhancing the flavour whether you’re grilling, baking, or roasting.

When choosing meat for marination, opt for a leaner cut rather than one that appears fatty.

While fat is often associated with flavour, selecting leaner cuts ensures that the marinade’s flavours penetrate the meat instead of being absorbed by excess fat.

Mary’s tip, also offers a delightful side benefit, as it results in stunning caramelisation around the cuts during the cooking process.

This enhances the overall dining experience and may make you reluctant to marinate without following Mary’s technique in the future.

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