QUIZ: Can you guess the Celebrations without their wrappers?

Chocolate selection boxes are a key part of many family Christmas celebrations, with millions enjoying miniatures of their favourite treats over the festive season.

Celebrations are a popular choice for many Britons with a range of iconic chocolate brands, familiar to all the family.

You may not have realised but there are subtle differences between the coating of a Snickers, Mars bar and Bounty. 

Whether you dive in for the first pick of your favourites or take a lucky dip, only a true chocoholic can tell them apart without their wrappers.

Take part in our tricky quiz, test your family and share your result in the comment section below.

If you have ever wondered how many of your favourites are included in a tub of Celebrations, TikToker Charlie Murphy calculated the average number of every chocolate.

After buying eight tubs he sorting them out and counted the treats, telling his 231,900 followers: “My guess is it’s going to be Milky Way or Mars being the most popular, let’s count them up.

“I’m a little bit disappointed here because I hate Snickers. Milky Way is looking quite full, Bounty – absolutely disgusting.

“Not many Caramel and obviously the best one, the goated, the Malteser – that’s about half full.

“So this is what we’re looking like – I’m gonna count them up now and give you the exact figures.”

He found that Snickers were the most common, with 89 counted in total, meaning there is an average of over 11.125 in each box.

Milky Way came in second place with 88 treats, with an average of 11, closely followed by Mars with 87 chocolates and an average of 10.875. 

Bounty came in fourth followed by Maltesers in fifth, with around seven of each in a box.

Charlie said: “The whole total was 522 pieces of chocolate, which gives the box an average of 65 sweets per tub.”

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