Randomly Generated Shoot ’em Up ‘Phoenix 2’ is FINALLY Available on Android After Launching on iOS in 2016 – TouchArcade

Back in 2016 Firi Games launched Phoenix 2, a fantastic randomly-generated bullet hell shooter and sequel to their 2010 fan-favorite original. Phoenix 2 would go on to live a very happy and healthy life, receiving frequent content updates and also always being ready and willing to adopt whatever new technology or features Apple was packing into its new versions of iOS. I’m pretty sure Phoenix 2 was the very first game ever to support 120hz screens when those launched on the iPad Pro a number of years back, and that’s just one example. However, one area where Phoenix 2 has not dared to tread is the Android platform. For whatever reason it has taken the better part of a decade but Phoenix 2 is now finally available on the Google Play Store.

One very cool feature about Phoenix 2 now being on Android is that the game features cross play and cross progression between the iOS and Android versions, meaning if you’ve dedicated a huge portion of your free time to unlocking and upgrading the game’s 100+ ships or partaking in the game’s daily missions you don’t have to lose that progress should you ever jump ship to Android. It also follows the same pay model as the iOS version, which is a very friendly free to play model. So there’s really no reason NOT to give it a shot, whether you’re an Android person or just never got around to it on iOS over these past 7.5 years.

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