Showdown: New Ferrari Purosangue vs Aston Martin DBX 707

As for handling, the Purosangue’s balance and driveline generate deep, deep pedigree feel for a car of this type – or of any type, frankly. No, never does it feel dramatically lighter than it is, but its core handling personality is very much in the blue-blooded super-GT style. Shortish gearing also makes the V12’s 8250rpm redline reachable and the eight-speed dual-clutch automatic gearbox is superb. The brake pedal is initially a bit sensitive, mind.

This most novel of Ferraris has four seats and a high-ish ride, but the driving experience is more layered than that of many bona fide sports cars. It’s tempting to say that it achieves the hitherto impossible task of bottling the best of the SUV and supercar realms. In a way, it really does do exactly this, although that’s also a bit simplistic.

First, is the suspension truly natural-feeling? Not sure. I suppose part of its magic requires it to lack transparency. Still, the system is miraculous in many ways, suits this application and plays a pivotal role in the Purosangue nailing the DBX’s very capable air-sprung set-up in terms of ride and handling prowess. It is, in short, revelatory.

Equally, is the Purosangue actually usable enough to fulfil the SUV brief? Hmm. Nobody was expecting a Range Rover rival, and yet…Remove its rear seats from the equation and the sense of occasion that the Purosangue so effectively conjures isn’t far removed from that of an 812 Superfast – not what most of us crave on a day-to-day basis.

Ferrari Purosangue vs Aston Martin DBX: Practicality 

In town, the Ferrari often feels unwieldy – intimidating, in truth. And, just to be dull for a second, the woolly walking-speed pedal response and slightly unpredictable creep function can make parallel parking seem like an expensive guessing game. And yes, it has a decent boot, but it still doesn’t carry that much.

The DBX is no shopping cart, but it’s simpler to hop in and head anywhere you like. It’s more imperious, less objectively refined but somehow more relaxing and doesn’t attract anything like as much attention (positive or otherwise). It also has a more spacious back row, not to mention a Mercedes E-Class-sized boot. 

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