The best cars Autocar lived with in 2023

Winner: Toyota GR Supra

Runner up: Peugeot 408

He voted for it in every category, so it’s only right we give the first word on the Supra to Verpraet: “Duh.”

That really is all he offered in support of why the Supra got his vote here. So let’s elaborate on his somewhat concise assessment by repurposing some lines from his nominations for the Supra to win all of the other awards.

Practicality? “It has a hatchback. That’s all I need, really. If I had a Range Rover, my stuff would just roll around in the boot.” 

Head-turner? “Took it to Belgium, and in the land where driving fun goes to die, being in a red two-seat sports car is akin to running naked through the streets.”

And finally the Best Feature: “The Supra’s manual gearbox. It’s the future (it’s not, but I wish it was).”

Saunders was on hand to best describe why so many of us chose the Supra here. Simply put, it “lit up many a commute in the summer”.

The other sports cars on our fleet featured in the voting, including the TT RS to which Page gave the nod because he “was addicted to the noise more than anything”.

The only everyday motor to score a vote was the Peugeot 408, courtesy of Culmer: “I really enjoyed this crossovery thing much more than I had expected. It nicely blends comfort and control.”

The ‘best feature’ award

For our favourite feature, system or innovation on a car

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