The new cars of 2024 worth waiting for


The M4’s at the halfway point – Leigh Delamere services, if you will – and needs a little touch-up. While a hardcore CS version will come out to bridge the gap between the standard car and CSL. We expect a few carbonfibre trinkets to reduce weight, and a bit more power to help differentiate it from the standard M4.

BMW M5 Touring

The first estate-bodied uber-5 Series since 2010 will pack a V8 plug-in hybrid system, expected to kick a whopping 790bhp and 737lb ft through both axles.

Everything we know about the BMW M5 Touring

BMW X2/iX2

2024 BMW iX2 at the Tokyo motor show – front quarter

The new, more rakish X2 is the first to be offered with an electric powertrain. The iX2 receives a dual-motor powertrain with 309bhp and 364lb ft, with a range of up to 279 miles. It isn’t the fastest X2, however – that honour goes to the petrol M35i, whose 296bhp makes it 0.2sec quicker to 62mph, hitting the benchmark speed in 5.4sec.

Everything we know about the new BMW X2


Internal-combustion X3 grows in size to help differentiate it from the BMW X1. It gains more electrified engines, so expect a 48-volt mild-hybrid 2.0-litre four-cylinder petrol as well as a diesel. 3.0-litre petrol and diesels will most likely join the setup. The Neue Klasse electric iX3 will follow in 2026.

Everything we know about the new BMW X3

BMW XM 50e

Entry-level XM swaps V8 for straight six, dropping total system output from 748bhp to 469bhp. Externally, there will be little to distinguish this base car from the full-fat XM. So it will still be controversial looking. But you can expect the price to be significantly below the V8’s £150,000 asking price.

BYD Seal U

Chinese brand BYD takes its UK line-up to four cars with the Seal saloon’s SUV sibling. Given the brand’s affinity for fun names like Dolphin, Seagull and Atto 3, it’s a shame it’s decided to rebadge the Song Plus Champion Edition as the Seal U for Europe, but this is clearly a sensibly machine for sensible families, so best leave some quirkiness at the door. There will be a pure EV with a choice of two batteries or a plug-in hybrid which should be able to drive up to 93 miles with the engine off.

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