Top 10 storage supplier strategy stories of 2023

By the beginning of 2023, the biggest storage supplier (Dell EMC) had seen growth in market share, while a giant of the past (IBM) had seen things slide.

At the same time, Huawei consolidated its position near the top of the league and Pure Storage benefitted from increasing market share.

At the same time, all storage suppliers rejigged their offer for a new norm of hybrid cloud and multicloud working, cloud-native applications and containerisation, and as-a-service procurement models in storage.

We look at how storage suppliers have responded to the changing IT landscape. We also bring market share figures for 2022 and 2021 and examine the shifts in fortunes of storage suppliers as recorded by IDC research.

Here are Computer Weekly’s top 10 stories on storage suppliers in 2023.

We look at the top suppliers in data storage by market share and run the rule over their storage offer, strategies for hybrid cloud, containerisation and as-you-go purchasing.

In this storage profile, we look at Dell EMC, the result of the biggest tech acquisition ever, and find a company well set for ubiquitous cloud operating models and as-a-service.

In this storage profile, we look at HPE, its Alletra storage refresh and Greenlake, and the ways the company is rebranding as a full-stack provider across on-premise and hybrid cloud.

Huawei is a leading storage player with an enterprise product offer across file, block and object storage, and the cloud, despite controversy and trading difficulties.

In this storage profile, we look at NetApp, which built a reputation in file access storage but seems to be set fair to navigate a future of hybrid cloud, cloud-native and containerisation.

In this storage profile, we look at Pure Storage, the youngest of the array makers, which comes to market with a well-developed flash, hybrid cloud and consumption purchasing model.

In this storage profile, we look at Hitachi Vantara, its storage, its cloud offer, the workloads it targets, and its efforts in containerisation and consumption models of storage purchasing.

In this storage profile, we look at IBM and the strategic shifts it has made towards the cloud, cloud-native and as-a-service offerings that aim to reverse a long-term decline in revenues.

We look at the growing list of possibilities when it comes to paying for storage infrastructure, ranging from upfront purchases with upgrades to pure pay-as-you-go options.

Container storage is a complex but vital task. We survey the big six storage makers and see methods are starting to align around management platforms.

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