Dog Collar Vs. Harness: Which is Best?

When it comes between choosing a collar vs a harness there are pros and cons about both.

Can my dog wear a collar and harness at the same time? Should both collar and harness always stay on? Is walking with a harness safer than a collar? These are all common questions when asking about the differences between both.

The truth is you should have both a collar and a harness for your dog. When training the harness is the most appropriate place for your leash to be attached to. This eliminates the strain on their neck. Having a leash attached to a harness rather than a collar makes it harder for your dog to slip out of their collar.

The main reason you want to have a collar is to display your dog’s identification. If they do somehow manage to escape their tag will tell other that they are missing.

Once you have decided to use a collar or harness you will need to figure out which is the best for your dog. These collars and harnesses have a variety of features to help you choose the right one.

The Touchdog Tough-Boutique Harness comes with a leash and is designed for extra small – large dogs. It comes in a wide variety of design options to match your specific style. Since the straps are made of a durable nylon your dog won’t be able to get out of this harness.

Pet Life Aero Mesh Dog Collar

The Pet Life Aero Mesh Dog Collar fixes some of the pressing issues with common collars. Since it is made of a mesh material has exceptional breathability with superior comfort. We also included a sturdier clip to make sure it doesn’t detach. We also made this machine washable after long play sessions.

The Petkit Air Quad Dog Harness is a great choice for most dogs since it makes putting on a harness a breeze. This harness also has reflective stitching with helps visibility at night. With a wide array of colors your dog will look great and in case of emergencies there is also a safety pull handle.

Here are the pros and cons of owning either a collar or harness. We recommend both as you’ll see why in the graph below.



• Collars are a great way to display your dog’s id tag. This is great in case they get lost.

• Collars are much easier to put on than a harness.

• Collars have a much wider selection of designs since they have been around longer.


• Dog can slip out of their collars when attached to a leash. This can cause an accident and can be avoided.

• Collars can damage your dog’s trachea and can make it hard for your dog to breath if too tight.

• Dogs pant to cool down and a restricting do collar can make it hard for them to do so.



• Better sizing option for even larger sized dogs.

• While harder to put on it makes it harder for your dog to get loose.

• Wont cause damage to their neck when you attach a leash.


• Forgetting to remove a harness can cause chafing along their joints if worn excessively.

• A harness can be restricting, and multiples will need to be purchased if you own a small puppy.

• A harness can cause your dog to pull more since the weight is displaces over their shoulder giving them more strength to pull.

If you still cant decide between a collar or a harness continue reading.

How To Choose Between a Dog Collar or Harness?

Like we mentioned earlier that you should have both for your dog but that isn’t always feasible. While you can train your dog to walk with a collar and leash it should be noted that snubbed nose dogs are prone to respiratory problems. Attaching a leash to your collar should be avoided if your dog has any respiratory issues as this can seriously harm them.

Collar are fine to be used with a leash if you are willing to train them. If you notice that they are pulling to much that it is a cause for concern a harness should be used. There are many training programs out there to teach you how to walk your dog, often this is more expensive than purchasing a harness.

Are Harnesses Safe Than Collars?

For the inexperience dog walker harnesses are safer and make it easier to control your dog. If you aren’t comfortable walking your dog with their leash attached to their collars a harness should be used.

If your dog harnesses gets caught on a fence or where they can’t touch the ground they will be safe for the most part. If the same situation happens with a collar the chances your dog surviving that encounter is slim to none. Generally, this won’t happen but if you’re the type to take extra precautions a harness is the safer option.

Can I Walk My Dog Without a Collar or Harness?

Walking your dog without a leash or harness shouldn’t be done. We have seen cases where dog owners forgo both and use the leash as a collar by attaching it to itself. This is often more dangerous than owning a collar. Multiple dangers arise when doing this that can seriously harm your dog.

Dangers Include: Suffocation, Heatstroke, Rope burn, Skin infections, etc.

Walking your dog without a leash also shouldn’t be done since it is illegal in most states to do so.

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