‘DOOM’ 30th Anniversary Stream Featuring John Romero, Carmack, and Former TouchArcade Author David L Craddock Now Available – TouchArcade

id Software’s DOOM ($4.99) celebrated its 30th anniversary over the weekend. While I didn’t play it literally when it launched, I adored the shareware version I played hundreds of times until I finally got the full game. To celebrate the 30th anniversary of DOOM, the legendary John Romero and John Carmack got together for a live stream moderated by former TouchArcade author and now documentary maker, author of many books, and more David L Craddock to discuss DOOM, QUAKE, Wolfenstein and a lot more. The stream is a little over an hour long, but is well worth your time if you’re a fan or interested in DOOM. Watch it below on John Romero’s YouTube channel:

If you’ve not kept up with DOOM in recent years, it got a re-release alongside DOOM II on mobile, console, and PC platforms bringing official add-on support and many modern features. The iOS version also supports 120fps gameplay. About a week ago, id Software added another official add-on, The Troopers’ Playground for both DOOM and DOOM II. Read about it here. If you own either of the new versions of DOOM or DOOM II on iOS, Android, console, or PC platforms, you can grab the Arrival add-on for free. Note that you need to be signed into your Bethesda.net account in-game to be able to access this and any other add-ons. Did you play DOOM back in the 90s or more recently and what’s your favorite memory of this timeless game?

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