‘Honkai Star Rail’ Ruan Mei Character Trailer Released, Version 1.6 Pre-Download Now Available – TouchArcade

Ahead of its launch on Wednesday morning HoYoverse has released a new trailer for the upcoming Honkai Star Rail version 1.6 update showcasing Ruan Mei. Ruan Mei feels like the first character since Kafka that everyone I know who plays Honkai Star Rail is excited for. If you’ve not kept up with the update, all players will be able to recruit Dr Ratio for free with the update bringing in a brand-new area, the Herta Space Station’s Seclusion Zone, alongside a Critter Pick Scavenging event, a new event within the Simulated Universe, and more. Pre-installation went live yesterday as well. The Honkai Star Rail 1.6 update download size is about 8.2GB. Watch the new Honkai Star Rail version 1.6 Ruan Mei character trailer below:

Check out a screenshot of Ruan Mei in Honkai Star Rail version 1.6 from the App Store story below:

If you missed the recent 2.0 update news for the game, read this. I’m interested in seeing when the many visual improvements showcased with the iPhone 15 Pro event are released for the game. I assume they will be up with 2.0. If you’ve not gotten Honkai Star Rail yet, you can download it on the App Store for iOS here, on Google Play for Android here, and here on the Epic Games Store in addition to its regular PC version. Check it out here on PS5. Have you been playing Honkai Star Rail regularly since it launched on mobile, PC, and PS5?

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