Omron sales in india: Omron expects sales of BP monitors to rise in India

Omron Healthcare, the world’s largest maker of home blood pressure monitoring (BPM) devices, is betting big on India where the number of people suffering from hypertension is on rise as the population ages and lifestyles change. In an interview to ET, Tetsuya Yamada, managing director of Omron Healthcare India, said the device maker plans to expand its footprint in India and go beyond metro cities, roll out new products, strengthen online distribution, and partner local pharmaceutical companies and startups to raise awareness.

“India has just 2% penetration of home BPM; when compared to BRICS it is very low. Brazil has 20% penetration, Russia has more than 30%, China around 25%,” Yamada said.

“We want to achieve at least 20% penetration in India by 2030,” Yamada said. Omron sees Indian demand growing to 14 million monitors in FY30, making the country the world’s second-largest market after China.

The company, which sold around 1.6 million monitors in India in the fiscal y ear 2022, aims to triple the sales by FY30.

Around 70% of Omron sales in India comes from offline and the rest from e-commerce platforms.

Yamada said Omron will be rolling out home BPM devices from its Chennai facility in 2025.Omron had announced plans to set up a production unit in Chennai, Tamil Nadu with an investment of ₹128 crore.”We had a bad experience during the Covid. Our manufacturing site is outside of India. A lot of demand is happening, but we couldn’t supply in a timely manner, that’s why we decided to have a factory here,” Yamada said.

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