Popular storage method is ‘wasting your bananas’ – what to do instead

Bananas are delicious when they’re perfectly ripe, which tends to be while they’re still firm with a little softness and bright yellow skin.

That said, they can quickly turn brown and mushy if kept in the wrong place.

But while many people think that tends to mean the fruit bowl, fridge or countertop, one TikTok star has claimed that it includes the freezer too.

In a recent video posted on her profile, Nicole Renard (@nicole_thenomad) said: “One of the most common mistakes I see people make when it comes to smoothie bowls is freezing your whole banana.

“If you’re doing this you’re wasting your bananas. You can’t use them.”

She showed a whole frozen banana that had turned deep brown in colour, and though appeared intact, had turned overly mushy inside.

Nicole claimed, however, that there is a way to freeze the soft fruits without this happening – and it’s a method she wears by.

It involves peeling the bananas first rather than storing them whole, which prevents the unsightly brown colur from appearing on the skin and leaves the core at its best once thawed.

The TikTok star explained: “Once they start to get a little bit spotty, peel your bananas – I put them in a large ziplock bag.”

Nicole then placed the bag in the freezer so they were free from any weight on top of them that could squash the fruit.

She continued: “This is the proper way to freeze your bananas for the perfect creamy smoothie bowls”.

While some people may prefer to chop up the fruit before freezing it, Nicole suggested that keeping them whole makes it easier to keep track of the quantities that amount to one banana.

The fruit can be stored in the freezer for up to three months to then be enjoyed as if they were fresh again.

Much longer than this and they’ll likely develop freezer burn which can leave the fruit tasting unpleasant and warrant a strange texture.

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