The best photos from Autocar in 2023

A second entry here for the Nascar Chevrolet Camaro ZL1, this time at Le Mans. Max says: “There was so much hype around this entry, it would have been mad not to have taken the opportunity to get a big image of the standout team, car and garage.” 

Jack was particularly happy with the Kia Picanto snaps, having not shot many road trips before: “The tiny Picanto was dwarfed by Ireland’s incredible landscape. Shame the car wasn’t a brighter colour…”

Jeep Avenger driving through tunnel in Austria – rear quarter

There’s always a story behind each shot, as Max explains: “The stress of getting the Jeep Avenger up a mountain to an electric charger with 0% range left was an interesting experience. Once we were sorted and onto the Grossglockner High Alpine Road, the fog had set in, and driving through the mountain tunnel in dead silence was a moment to savour.”

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