AUS Vs PAK: Top Australian Batter PUNISHED By ICC For Breaching Code Of Conduct

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AUS vs PAK: In a big blow to top Australian batter Usman Khawaja, he has been reprimanded by the cricket’s governing body for wearing a black armband over his left arm during the first Australia vs Pakistan test in Perth. Khawaja has now received an official scolding from the ICC over his breach of the code of conduct.

Notably, the Australian batter was warned by the ICC on the eve of the first Australia vs Pakistan test for his shoes which endorsed political slogans, “Freedom is a human right” and “All lives are equal,” in support of the people in Gaza.

The ICC noticed the handwritten slogans on Khawaja’s footwear during Australia’s training session ahead of the first test against Pakistan. The ICC soon informed the left-handed batter to be wary of the sanctions should he wear those shoes for the opening test.

Though Usman Khawaja taped the slogans written on his footwear, he doubled down with a black armband on his left arm during the first test, which Australia won by a massive 360 runs in Perth.

Following the breach of rules, the ICC in a statement recently concluded that Usman Khawaja has been charged for breaching a clause of the clothing and equipment regulations under the ICC rulebook.

It can be noted that the ICC restricts players from endorsing personal messages indicating a political, religious or racial cause. Further, it also informed that a cricketer has to get permission from his/her respective cricket board and the ICC before wearing a black armband.

“Usman Khawaja has been charged for breaching Clause F of the Clothing and Equipment Regulations, which can be found on the ICC Playing Conditions page. The sanctions for a breach of the regulations are outlined in Appendix 2,” an ICC spokesperson said.

“Usman displayed a personal message (armband) during the 1st Test Match against Pakistan without seeking the prior approval of Cricket Australia and the ICC to display it, as required in the regulations for personal messages. This is a breach under the category of an “other breach” and the sanction for a first offence is a reprimand.”

Notably, Usman Khawaja’s support to the civilians in Gaza has come amid the ongoing war between Israel and Palestine after Hamas launched an unprecedented over 5000 missiles against Israeli targets in the first week of October.

Taking on ICC’s charges, Khawaja has condemned the regulator body for its inconsistencies in ICC’s ruling over the past. He pointed out that ICC has, in past, allowed players to show personal messages relating to politics, religion or race.

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For more details head to ICC’s official website.

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