CPHI Roundtable: Purolite – European Pharmaceutical Manufacturer

In our final EPM issue of the year, we reflected on the success of this year’s CPHI Barcelona show. As part of our look back at the year as a whole, we at EPM HQ wanted to platform some of the pharma industry’s leading companies and voices and give them the chance to reflect on their year and to address their plans for the future. 

Kicking off this series – which you can follow by through the CPHI Roundtable tag at the bottom of the article – is Felix Solamo, Senior Global Director, Field Applications Scientist from Purolite:  

“The bioprocessing team at Purolite had a dynamic presence at CPHI Barcelona 2023, demonstrating our commitment to addressing the myriad of challenges within the biopharmaceutical industry. The team focused on several key areas, including the need to ensure security of supply and hurdles in meeting growing market demand for bioprocessing materials.

Addressing supply security as a critical concern, we were able to showcase our dedication to providing reliable solutions for the biopharmaceutical industry. Ensuring uninterrupted access to critical bioprocessing materials is essential, and therefore the showcase of Purolite’s Praesto Jetted HipH jetting technology for customers was a particular highlight for us. This innovative resin technology promises to revolutionise bioprocessing purification by widening the window of operation for the elution of antibodies at a higher pH and is the result of Purolite’s strategic partnership with Repligen to deliver a roadmap of innovative resin and ligand technologies to market. It was evident that this innovation piqued the interest of industry professionals, underscoring the need for cutting-edge solutions in bioprocessing.

Market demand for bioprocessing materials remains strong, driven by the growing pharmaceutical sector’s demand for high-quality resins. Our commitment to meeting this demand and enhancing our product offerings was a clear testament to Purolite’s dedication to serving the industry.

Reflecting on the learnings of CPHI, the outlook for Purolite and the bioprocessing team in 2024 is extremely promising. With a focus on security of supply, strategic partnerships, cutting-edge technologies, and a keen understanding of market dynamics, the company is well-positioned to continue making a significant impact in the industry.” 

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