Dog Playpens & Why You Might Need One

Are you a person who leaves your dog in a crate for too long. If so, puppy playpens are a great alternative to your cooped-up crate. There are a few differences when looking at a dog playpen vs a dog crate so here are a few reasons why you might need a dog playpen.

Why Would I Need A Playpen?

Crating shouldn’t be done for long periods of time which we covered in our article on the truth about dog crates. If you are leaving for an extended period for 2-3 hours your dog would need to stretch and have a much larger area to move around in. This is where a puppy play pen comes in it gives a larger area for your dog to move around while keeping your dog crated. While this is by no means a replacement for walking and general exercise it is an alternative to over crating your dog.

Having a large playpen can give your dog extra room move around have a bowl of food and water while having a bunch of toys laying around. If you tried stuffing all of those into a dog kennel your dog would be unhappy and cramped. If you are looking to close of a room instead or closing off a small portion of it you are looking for a dog gate which we offer as well. There are differences between the two and it is up to your discretion which one functions best for you.

What Materials Are Dog Playpens Made Out Of?

There are a few different types of material that playpens are made from. The most common ones are metal, plastic, and wood each one has its advantages and we are going to list them here.

Metal: Metal playpens are sturdy and foldable and can give you a large area where your dog can play. Metal dog crates can extend over a much larger area than plastic and wood ones. Since metal playpens have interlocking walls adding additional links to give your dog a wide range of movement. Therefore, it is most commonly used outdoors providing a safe area for your dog to play in.

Plastic: Plastic is the most portable option at the cost of sturdiness. The cost of these playpens is more affordable than other materials since they are cheaper to produce. Plastic playpens are also the smallest option of playpens available which are great for small to medium dogs. Large dogs and dogs who are overactive shouldn’t have this playpen since it can be prone to tipping even with a sturdy base.

Wood: This is the nicest looking option as well as the most expensive one. With a wood dog playpen blending it in with your furniture is a breeze. Once it is set up you don’t have to worry about it moving but because of that it isn’t as portable, and it isn’t water resistant. Therefore, having a wood cage outside is for indoors only.

What’s The Best Dog Playpen?

The best dog playpen is the one that works for you! If you need a large space for your dog outside a metal playpen is your best bet. If you are looking for a clean looking playpen that matches your furniture as wood playpen is best. If you are looking for a cheap affordable option than the plastic one is the best. The best option we feel that everyone can afford it the plastic playpen which is why we offer it. So if you’re looking for a plastic playpen that’s portable and is great for both indoor an outdoor use take a look at our all-terrain dog playpen.

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