Is Being A Purbred A Good Thing?

Being a pure bred a good thing?

Is being a pure bred a good thing? We hear this time and time again when it comes to dogs. What’s the breed? What kind of dog is it? The truth is you might not know unless you are going to a reputable seller that has been trustworthy for years. With the high price of designer breeds can cost thousands or even tens of thousands and you aren’t even sure what you are getting half the time.

Are pure breeds worth it?

The answer we came up with was is personal preference. If you have the disposable income to buy an expensive pet and take care of it awesome! We don’t think that you should break the bank trying to purchase a dog when adoption can be done for little to no cost. What is great about adopting a dog from a shelter you can get an accurate test of what the breed is DNA My Dog offers DNA kits to shelters for a low cost which can help dog be adopted faster.

Curious About Your Dogs DNA?

We just wrote an article about DNA kits for pets This is a fun way to know what breed your dog is.

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