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In today’s climate, it’s easy to paint landlords with the same brush – viewing them solely as money-grabbing opportunists. 

As a letting agency that’s part of a network of like-minded agents, we get to see the rental business’s good, bad and ugly side.

Yes, there are some unscrupulous, greedy landlords. We do our best to avoid these.

However, many landlords strive to do the right thing for their tenants.

We’ve gathered some inspiring tales that highlight the, more often than not, unpublicised acts of kindness that landlords have done and continue to do.

  • In one remarkable situation, a landlord had ten offers for a rental property. He could have easily let the highest bidder win, but instead, he offered the home to a family for £100 less than the asking price because their urgent need moved him.
  • When the pandemic hit, many landlords nationwide rose to the occasion. We heard of several who voluntarily lowered rents to ease the financial burden on their tenants. No questions asked, no fuss made ­– just good-hearted consideration during a trying period.
  • We’ve also heard about landlords who’ve extended their empathy to mental health. A tenant, struggling with numerous life events, fell behind on rent. Instead of eviction, the landlord gave him time and assisted with funding for private counselling.
  • One landlord went above and beyond in an international context – providing a Ukrainian family, who fled a life-threatening situation, a rent-free property for a year, potentially forgoing £24,000 in annual rent.
  • Then, there are those annual gestures that warm the heart. Like the landlord who offers half-price rent every December or others who’ve waived a month’s rent for tenants undergoing treatment for serious health issues, such as chemotherapy or heart surgery.

These accounts come from all corners of the UK, and we have come across similar local stories. They show that not all landlords fit the negative stereotype often portrayed in the media. 

They remind us that many landlords view their role not just as a business venture but as an opportunity to make a genuine, positive difference in someone’s life.

To these landlord legends, we say a heartfelt ‘Thank you’. 

You’re renewing our faith in human nature, one rental agreement at a time.

Thanks for reading.


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